EL's Caring Hands

EL's Caring Hands

EL's Caring Hands

 Here are five ways you can give
and help the needy.

At GTJC, we aim to serve our
community by being the hands, the feet and the voice of Jesus. So, here are
practical ways you can bring God’s love and real hope to those
who need it the most.

· Daily feeding program 

· Vocational Training 

· Tailoring 

· Computer Education 

· Child & Adult Literacy Programs 

· Care for Widows 

· Visually challenged kids 

· Different abled kids 

1) Pray—One of the most important ways you can serve is through
praying for people. Prayer is a simple yet powerful way to impact on the lives
of those who are hurting. To join our prayer team, email
[email protected] 

2) Check on your neighbors—Make a phone call or text your
neighbors, especially elderly neighbors to ensure they are doing okay. Ask them
if there is anything they need and provide what you can. You can deliver it to
their residence and leave it outside their front door, so they can pick
it up without coming in direct contact with you. It sounds extreme, but it’s
a safe way to ensure
your more vulnerable neighbors have what they need. 

3) Give blood—Blood donors are urgently needed at this time. Someone has said, “The first real responders
in a time of crisis are those who give blood.”
Go to https:/the
website you recommend.org
to find a donation location near you.  

4) Volunteer your time—If you feel you are well enough and it is
right for you to leave your home to help others, we are partnering with the
city when they request our help. Whether it is sorting food at Second Harvest
or helping to distribute food, send us an email if you would like to be
included on the volunteer team.
Email [email protected] 

5) Donate to help people financially impacted by the pandemic. 

Click here to donate online to our EL’s Caring hands  

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