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Welcome to GTJC Church & Living Light Ministries. UK 
A Living Light Ministries has established many ministries
and has a vision to enlarge its focus on other countries through Charity work (El’s Caring Hands/ SAVING HANDS), media, evangelism, mission field activities, music ministry, planting churches, gospel task force, children’s ministry, youth
ministry, teens ministry, ministry among women, ministry among men, care groups, prayer groups, ministry among differently-abled people etc. So far God has enabled us to reach this point in our country. Now, we plan to come out of our comfort zone to next the level, that is to reach other countries. And this dream would come true within the God-given time limit. We are eagerly and vigorously working towards this. By the grace of God and your prayers, we would reach our destination. 
The GTJC is a Charismatic, Multi-Cultural & Interdenominational Church. People of all nations, tongues, and every tribe have made The GTJC their home, as they have found love, compliance, support, encouragement, God’s forgiveness, and salvation by the grace of our Lord Jesus through faith, hope, and fellowship
with Him. 
The GTJC is a place where new believers move through stages of spiritual progress and become
promised followers of Jesus while being encouraged to discern their God-given talents and calling. 
We are all about relationship, commitment, prayer and love! We are a church that cares for you and your family. 
The GTJC Church exists to glorify God by establishing a powerful local church through which we take the good news, good works, and God’s love to the ends of the earth.

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